Charity Fund Raising Products 💚

Sales from all the below products are donating profits to charity. Please read the product description to find out which charity and how much is being donated 🙏

Why We Donate To Charity?

At Printdub ethics and morals come first, besides using only ethical suppliers and sustainable products we also believe in giving back. As such we believe it is important to create art for social change, all the products below donate profits from sales to various charities.

Charity begins at home, sure and artists do struggle, however there is a big difference between living and survival. We encourage all our artist to create products with charity donations in mind, some of the products are themed in terms of the charity they donate for, others just agree that art is a blessing and a slice of the pie can be given to the less fortunate.

This is not a marketing strategy or a gimmick, this is genuine ambition to make the world a better place and support those who were unfortunate enough to become part of a circumstance which doesn’t provide a level playing field to nurture creativity and fairness.

We do what we can, and as a company founded by artists, we raise money the best way we know how, through creativity. Reports of donations are posted in our newsletters, so if you haven’t done so already please do sign up to our newsletter where we will let you know of any upcoming products raising money for charity and reports of how much we have donated.

Stay fresh, spread love, keep positive – Printdub